Premium Services


Dedicated Conference Lines & Rooms

Our use of dedicated conference lines ensures quality transmission from party to party, providing clear and reliable communication throughout the deposition process. This dedication to using high-quality telecommunication tools minimizes interruptions and technical issues, ensuring that all parties can focus on the proceedings without distraction.


All Transcripts Proofread

Before delivery, every transcript produced by our agency is meticulously reviewed by a professional proofreader to ensure the highest standard of accuracy. This rigorous quality control process allows us to uphold our commitment to providing flawless documentation. We stand behind the precision of our work, thus ensuring our clients can rely on the veracity of the information provided for their critical legal proceedings.


Quick turnaround in as little as two hours

We offer the option for expedited service, ensuring transcripts are delivered swiftly to meet urgent deadlines and accommodate the fast-paced demands of legal proceedings.


Transcripts Delivered In Your Format

Our transcripts are meticulously proofread and delivered via email in PDF format, complete with verification for your records, ensuring accuracy and accessibility. Additionally, we provide bound hard copy certified transcripts, which are prepared for service on all involved parties, fulfilling legal requirements and maintaining a high standard of professionalism.

Flexible Hours For Scheduling on All Depositions, Same-Day Coverage Available